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Who IS Jacko?

And where did he get that name?

That'd be Sweet Lela's daddy, Jack. AKA Jackie to his Alabama family and friends,  and whose grandchildren call him Jacko. I mean, if your grandfather raced Ferraris and Porsches, collected Purdeys before it was cool, was a self-taught sculptor, ran the Boston Marathon in just over three hours at age 53, landed a 400-pound marlin at age 72, and smuggled money out of Cuba for his friends three days before Castro took over ... would you really call him Grandpa? Nah. But you would probably want to keep making the pepper jelly he perfected over 50 years. 


It's all true -- you can't make that stuff up, and we have pictures to prove it (well, except for the Cuba bit). We still make Jacko's in small batches by hand using only peppers we grow ourselves.


Things we give a Hot D@mn about:


  • Delicious, addictive, "shut the front door" taste

  • A few perfect ingredients like the peppers we grow organically

  • That everyone who tastes it loves it

Lela.Jacko ducks.jpg
red Ferrari 5.jpg


For questions about any of our products, or help with placing your order, don't hesitate to contact us:

Email:  Phone:  901-603-8006

ALL PHOTOGRAPHS copyright Sweet Lela's LLC

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