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From Sweet Lela's Kitchen
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Things we give a Hot D@mn about:

  • Delicious, addictive, "shut the front door" taste

  • A few perfect ingredients like the Peppers we grow organically

  • The beautiful balance of fruit + heat

  • That everyone who tastes it loves it

Pepper Jelly

is our JAM!

Jacko's pepper jelly has been made for 50 years, and until now has only been available as a treasured Christmas  gift to Jacko's friends and family.  Having perfected his mango jelly recipe, he taught his daughter Lela to make it in 2012. People kept asking WHY DON'T YOU SELL IT?  In 2017 we did just that - and in just a few stores in Memphis things got spicy. 

There's nothing artificial in our jelly, no colors or preservatives and the ingredient list is purposefully short! Each small batch is hand made with love and a dedication to fantastic flavor.  


Our goal is to balance the flavors of fruit like mango, cherries and apricots or fresh cranberries in the fall with just the right amount of heat. 

Sweet Lela's Kitchen is based in Memphis, TN.  Lela, Jacko's daughter, learned to make his pepper jelly at his side and succumbed to their many friends' suggestion that we take it  to the masses. So here we are.  

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