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Straight Up 
with a side of everything

Every cheese plate and charcuterie board is better, happier, and more interesting with Jacko's.  You still can't beat it with just cream cheese and Triscuits, but it goes beautifully with almost every kind of cheese on everything from crackers and cured meats to walnuts and apricots. 

how to love your jacko's

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PORKtender LOWres.jpg
Glaze your Pork, Lamb, Game or Salmon

Almost anything that comes off of your grill  - the easiest finish ever.  Spoon or brush Jacko's on and SERVE! It's great with game - Venison, Duck, Dove and fabulous brushed on Salmon . 

SpicyCheeseBites s.ladymag.jpg
Spicy Cheddar Bites

CLICK HERE  for our recipe featured

in Southern Lady Magazine,

Dec. 2019

Jennifer's Macaroons

At first all I could say was "OH NO YOU DID NOT!"  In that crazy tone that means 'I'm so excited that you did!' .. and sure enough Jennifer did in fact make her french macarons avec Jacko's pepper jelly. And she reported that they just rocked.  We're waiting for ours ... hint hint...  . 

Jacko's Jack'd Up Cream Cheese

Well this is easy:   blend all of this up with a fork and enjoy it with Jacko's and crackers! 

8 oz cream cheese

4 -5 oz plain yogurt - any kind

2 scallions chopped fine , or 1 T minced shallot (shown here)

Heavy drizzle (maybe 2-3T) good olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste

Garnish with fresh chives or scallion green (optional)  

The Sharp & Crusty 

There's no recipe for this, but one fabulously inventive and hungry customer slapped some pepper jelly on her grilled cheese w/ bacon. and proclaimed it divine. so we tried it, and we ate it up, then we made some more. you will too.....   Good bread and sharp cheddar and smokey bacon made this one!  

Sharp Crusty smaller file(1).JPG
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