Peppers in bowl


The man himself is the epitome of a southern gentleman. He's mannerly and wildly interesting.  Adventurer, Masarati driver. Avid hunter and fisherman. Family man.   

A man that likes balance, just like his pepper jelly - a perfect harmony of heat and fruit.  A recipe he perfected for over 50 years.

Until 2018 Jacko’s was only available to family and friends during the holidays. Today, his daughter, Lela, is bringing the big, sophisticated taste of Jacko’s Pepper Jelly to the world, one hand-made batch at a time using an intentionally short ingredient list.  No artificial anything.

Things we give a Hot D@mn about:

  • Delicious, addictive, "shut the front door" taste

  • A few perfect ingredients like the Peppers we grow organically

  • The beautiful balance of fruit + heat

  • That everyone who tastes it loves it

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